Tutor Hour's

* These may vary, but are a general guideline

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Mike 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM
9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM
Jamie 7AM-4PM 7AM-3PM 7AM-4PM 7AM-5PM
Augusto 11AM-5PM 11AM-5PM 11AM-5PM 11AM-5PM
Joy 12PM-6PM 12PM-6PM N/A 12PM-3PM
Nancy N/A 8AM-9AM 1PM-2PM N/A
Kurt 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM
Donald N/A 6PM-9PM N/A 6PM-9PM
Elisabeth 11AM-9PM 11AM-5PM 11AM-5PM 11AM-5PM
Katie 930AM-11AM
930AM-11AM 930AM-11AM 930AM-11AM
Sarah N/A 12AM-4PM 12AM-4PM 12AM-4PM
Laura 8AM-6PM 8AM-6PM 8AM-6PM 8AM-6PM
Robert 1PM-5PM 1PM-5PM 10AM-12PM
Randy* 9AM-12PM 9AM-12PM 9AM-12PM 9AM-12PM
Susan** 12PM-5PM 2PM-7PM 2PM-7PM 2PM-7PM

* Randy is also available Friday 8AM-12PM, and appointments through his email @ rmoulin@sullivan.edu

** Susan is available online, see her contact information in the student scene