Lexington Campus
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What are the library's hours?


7:30am - 9:45pm


7:30am – 4:30pm




Is the library open during breaks?

The library is open on limited operating hours during most breaks. Hours for the break will be listed in the Library News blog and the Student Chronicle. 


Do you have library fines?

There are no library fines, though users will be charged for lost or damaged books.


Do you have any novels or leisure reading available in the library?

We have our Paperback Exchange, which allows patrons to exchange their own paperbacks with each other. The books are on the shelf across from the Reference Desk. Book donations are accepted anytime.


Do you have a Lost and Found?

The library keeps a small lost and found at the Reference Desk, in addition to the official Lost and Found at the Public Safety Office.


Are cell phones permitted?

Ringers should be muted in the library. When calls are taken, patrons are asked to step into the hallway to complete calls. 


Can I use the library's phone?

The university’s office phones are not for student use.


Are children permitted in the library?

Children are welcome in the library while accompanied by a responsible adult, as long as they do not disturb other patrons and are respectful of library materials. If children become disruptive, their guardians may be asked to move them to another part of the building or to remove them from the library.


How do I get a library card?

A student’s Sullivan University ID card can be used as a library card. The ID card enables students to check out materials. The borrower is responsible for materials checked out on his/her ID card. If a student loses his or her ID/library card, please report it immediately to the library. If a student did not receive a student ID card during registration, he or she can obtain one in the Student Services Office.


How many library items can be checked out at one time?

There is a checkout limit of ten book items, 3 DVDs.  Books go out for two weeks, DVDs for one week.  Materials may be renewed up to 3 times unless they have already been reserved by another user.


How can I renew my items?

Patrons can request renewals for their items by speaking to a staff member at the reference desk.


Can periodicals be checked out?

Periodicals cannot be checked out. Photocopiers are available.


Can I check out headphones at the library?

Headphones can be checked out for same-day, on-campus use only at the desk.


What are reference books, and can they be checked out?

Reference books are dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias, and similar resources used for finding current factual information. They are stored in a specified area of the library and marked with a letter “R” on the spine. They cannot be checked out.


If I keep items past their due date, will I receive an overdue notice?

Patrons receive overdue notices at their official Sullivan University email address.


What happens if I don't bring my books back by the end of the quarter?

All library resources are due by the end of Week 11. If items are not returned, a hold is put on the patron’s account. A hold prevents a student from registering for classes and prohibits a student from ordering transcripts or other records. It can even effect graduation.


How do I get my hold removed so that I can register and attend classes?

To remove a hold, patrons must bring their overdue items to the library and request a removal of their holds at the reference desk. Please allow about five to ten minutes for the process to be completed.


What if I want to keep my book throughout the break without being put on hold?

In order to keep an item throughout the break, students must bring their items and a copy of their schedules for the following quarter to the library reference desk and request a renewal. Renewed items will be due on Monday of Week 1 of the following quarter.


Where are the printers?

The library has two printers on the back portion of the reference desk.  Items printed will go to one of these two printers, depending on computer location in the library.  These printers only print in black-and-white, 81/2 by 11 page size only.


How much does printing cost?

Printing is free, though students are asked to limit their printing to academic purposes.


Does the library have photocopiers?

The library has one photocopier, with a cost of ten cents per page.


My instructor has assigned a paper that requires articles from a magazine and I cannot use information from the Internet. The library does not appear to have the magazines I need. 

How do I get the articles?

Many of the magazines or information that you need probably can be found using an online database from a system such as Proquest or EBSCOhost. These database systems contain magazines or journals online. This is not using information from the Internet. The articles found on these database systems are exactly the same as a hard (print) copy of the article. Magazines such as Time and Newsweek can be found on these databases. Talk with a librarian if you need help getting started using any of the databases or for instructions on how to do database research off-campus.


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