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Copies of all bibliographies are also available on the Sullivan Lexington PUBLIC drive in the Library folder. 

1960's : American Culture & History


Administrative Office Systems & Procedures

Anatomy & Physiology

Business Leaders

Career Planning & Preparation

Children's Literature : Great Books for Children Ages 1-4

Children's Literature : Medal Winners

Children's Literature : Special Topics

      (ECE 133, ECE 152 and ECE 164)

Culinary Biographies & Memoirs

Environment & Green Initiatives

Event Management

Farmers Market

Food Plating & Presentation

Food Politics

Food & Travel

Geography [GEO 234 and GEO 244]


Good Eats

Health Care Reform

Lawyers in Film

Management Styles



Organizational Behavior

Organizational Change

Organizational Learning & Effectiveness

Poetry & Writing

Travel & Tourism


Shakespeare in Film

Small Business Marketing

Sociology [SOC 214]

Spanish and Bilingual Children’s Books

Spanish Language Materials

Study Skills

Wine & Spirits