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See also: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
See also: Spencerian College Computer Usage Policy

You will need a current user name and password to connect to the campus system whether on or off campus. 

Username/Student ID - is usually the first letter of your first name and up to the first five letters of your last name followed by 4 random numbers.  
            Example:   jstude1234 
Your ID can be found at the top of the schedule that you were given at the beginning of the quarter.

Password – is your social security number without the hyphens...
            Example:   012345678

Your password, at the present time, cannot be changed for Network and Student Portal login. 
You can change your password for Outlook Live email login.
If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer you may not have all the options available and screens may look different.


Student Portal

Logging in to the Student Portal will give you access to your grades, schedule, email, public drive, etc.  To access, enter the address below in the browser’s address bar (or click on link below or link in left menu bar).  

you will need to supply a valid user id and password.

►When accessing the Public Drive folders or your Locker from off campus see the Student Lockers...  section below.

Always remember to Log Off when you are on a public or shared computer.

The Student Portal login screen:

►When you first logon using a computer on campus and you login with your username and password, click on Computer icon on the desktop, or Start --> Computer and check to make sure you have access to your Locker and Public drive.  Your screen may not look like exactly like the one below, but you should look for your locker and the public drive folder.

Under Network Drives you should see a folder with Locker (this is your Locker /  Home Folder) and a folder Public (this is the Public drive where your instructors/departments will store docs, assignments and other information for you to retrieve.

►If you do not see either of these see the librarian and we will send an email to IT for you. 

Student Lockers / Public Drive

Your Locker is your personal space on the campus file server to store your files and is accessible from classroom and LRC computers on the campus network, and through the Student Portal.
The Public Folder P: (or S:) drive is where the departments place materials and files that you may need for class or resources that will help you. 

On campus
See above instructions for accessing network folders and drives.  Click Start > Computer and you will see the drives and folders available to you.

Off campus

Click here for instructions
How to access Student/Faculty Lockers and Public drives via Virtual Desktop for off campus access.

Trouble accessing public drive or locker from off campus?
Turn off / disable Popup Blocker.
Firewall – allow this site through your firewall.

Please read... the Student Lockers are emptied usually at the end of a quarter.  IT Services will generally notify you by email and in the Spencerian News well in advance before they empty the Lockers.  Once the Lockers are emptied you will not be able to retrieve the files that were deleted.  We recommend that you backup your files on a flash drive frequently as well.



Faculty/Staff email

Students, do not access email through the Student Portal any longer.  Use the link below and select Student Email.  See below for a link to more instructions.


Click here for instructions and screen shots and logging in to your email.



►Note the periods in the address formats above, and no www in addresses.

►When off campus and you are asked to supply a domain name before your username when logging in, you will add suscorp before your user ID with a back slash \ not a forward slash /. example:
►Spencerian email addresses are available through the email program using the “Address Book” feature.

►Example of the format of your email address:

    When using browsers other than Internet Explorer (i.e. Firefox or Chrome) you may have to download IE viewer plugins for full access to features.  Without the plugins you may see a limited version which will allow you to read, write, etc. however, options and features may not be accessible.


Wireless Connection Instructions

  • Open appropriate dialog on your laptop to Connect to a Network.
    Select  -  SUSGUEST  - unsecured network.
    Follow instructions for user id and password.  You should not have to enter the domain (SUSCORP).

  • For additional instructions and alternate connection information:


     ·        How to set up a wireless network Vista or XP
    click on appropriate operating system that you use).

  • Report wireless connection problems and ask for help using IT's Service Desk.
    See next section.


To report computer, email or system problems: 

When contacting IT help they will need your name and student ID number and identify yourself as a Spencerian Lexington student.  Supply them with as much detail of the problem as you can, you can include screen shots as well. 

Reporting problems…

Please report ALL IT problems using the Service Desk

After logging in click on the Service Catalog drop-down menu and pick the closest category for your problem.
No not click on the New Incident button  – use the Service Catalog  menu.

**Classroom equip/software problems need to be reported by an instructor.

**If you do not have access to your email or Internet, ask the Librarian or an instructor to submit a ticket for you.

Click here for Service Desk User Manual.

Additional information is available at Sullivan University System's IT Helpdesk



Useful addresses: 

Spencerian College, Lexington Campus' LRC


Sullivan University System - Online Library Catalog 


Sullivan University Library's web page (for access to databases, resources, etc.) 


PLATO Learning Environment 

Contact librarian for account info. Registered students/faculty can contact
            Plato directly.

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