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Free Online Tools - Google Docs / Office Live / OpenOffice

   Report dead links to the librarian

     These tools are free and can help you manage and access your documents more

Google Docs
   Is a remote free service provided by Google that allows you to create web based
   text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other formats,  Anywhere / 
   Anytime access to your documents from any computer.

   Works across operating systems through your browser on Mac, PC and Linux.

   Supports multi-formats: .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf (text, presentations,
   spreadsheets, etc.)  

   Share your documents with others by allowing secure access, printing, web 
   presentation or exporting. 

How do I get Google Docs?

    Go, or,  [top of page] click 
    on > More >

    You will need to register. If you have a Gmail account already, just login with your
    Gmail id and password.

Microsoft Office Live  or

     Similar to GoogleDocs - OfficeLive is a remote service provided by 
     Microsoft.  Microsoft has made available online, free rudimentary
     Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These
     “stripped down” iterations of the familiar Office programs are
     accessible from most browsers.

     You must register for a Windows Live ID to be able to use this  service.  If you
 Hotmail, Messenger, or Xbox LIVE, you already have a Windows Live ID.
      Your new Spencerian email account, <ID> and
      your password, will allow you access as well.


      Be aware that this service does not provide the full functionality of the  MS
      Office programs that you purchase or use through Spencerian.

     OpenOffice Suite
OpenOffice is an excellent alternative if you do not like, or cannot afford
     Microsoft’s Office suite.
     OpenOffice can be downloaded for free at:   
This is a large file, it is suggested you do not download this file over a dial-up
The OpenOffice suite is made up of the following basic modules
     with their MS Office equivalents:

     OpenOffice -- Microsoft

         Writer            Word
         Calc               Excel
        Impress          PowerPoint
         Draw              ?
         Base              Access

      additional features and plugins may be available for download.  Those of you
      that are familiar with the look and feel of
  earlier MS  versions will recognize the
     similar format.

      You can save your work in various formats - .doc, .odf, .html, .ppt, .xls, .xml … so
      that it can be opened and be compatible with other programs such as Word,
      PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  Some compatibility issues may exist.


The Books24x7 db available through Sullivan University Library's web page (choose Databases & E-books in the left menu or the Search Databases tab) may have online full-text guides for these programs.