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Computer Use Policy

In addition to the Spencerian College Computer Usage Policy - see below - the Learning Resource Center adds the following...

If you are using a computer for non-school related activities you may be asked to log off and let someone else have your seat during busy times.

DO NOT give your login information to anyone.

LRC computers are reserved at times for classes, this will be posted.

Log off from the computer when you are finished.

Students may use computers in other labs as well as those in the LRC.  If there is a class in the lab you need to ask permission of the instructor.  Please be considerate and do this in a way that will not disrupt the class - i.e. you may have to wait for a break.

Spencerian College of Lexington -- Computer Usage Policy 

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom
  • Printers must be left online for other students
  • Exit the application with which you are working before you leave the computer
  • Straighten your work area before you leave
  • The computer lab is a designated recycling area; please deposit scrap paper in appropriate receptacles
  • Computer and/or printer malfunctions must be reported to your instructor immediately

During the regular class period students may work only on the assigned material.  Students may not:

  • Work on assignments for other classes
  • Play games or explore other computer applications

In the state of Kentucky, it is a Class “C” felony to alter computer files without proper authorization.  Spencerian College students are subject to both criminal action and termination from school for such activities.  These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Changing the “Welcome to Spencerian College” banner on a computer
  • Changing any desktop setting, mouse setting, or Windows setting unless part of a class assignment
  • Loading personal programs or games on any computer
  • Intentionally modifying files that are not specifically assigned as part of a class assignment
  • Using any computer for personal reasons

Internet access is provided to Spencerian College students for research relevant to students’ classes, coursework, and career paths.  Students are expected to use the Internet for educational and research purposes only.

Examples of inappropriate use of the Internet at Spencerian College are: accessing chat rooms, reading or submitting personal ads, viewing “adult” web sites, playing games, and similar activities.

Spencerian College email is provided as a service to students to aid in their educational experience.  Sending obscene, harassing, or threatening email from Spencerian College computers is prohibited.  Students’ personal email accounts through Yahoo, Hotmail, and other service providers are governed by the same policies as Spencerian email accounts when the student is using a computer at Spencerian College.

Any student who does not comply with the above policy will be subject to disciplinary action.