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American Home Inspectors Training Institute
AngelLearning, Access
Appeal a parking ticket
ASSET test, Study guide and information

Campus Map, Spencerian Lexington
Catalog, Spencerian College Lexington, Current
Cell phone, Setup email
Citations, Help and information
CQuest Test - Massage Test Prep

Databases, Login
Dean Vaughn videos
Dental Services, Emergency
Dress Code

Email, Access & login
Email, Cell phone setup

Fees & payments, questions
File, Can't open
File, Formats and compatibility
Full text articles, Online access
Full text books, Online access

Grading scale

Handbook, Student (Spen Lex)
HIPAA training and certification
HOBET test, Study guide and information
Home Inspection Training Course (AHIT)

ID (Identification number / student ID card)
Information Technology (IT) Help

Legal cases / information, Online access
Library Catalog (Sullivan University System campus libraries)
Login, System 

Map, Spencerian Lexington Campus
Massage Programs
Massage Treatment
Massage Test Prep (CQuest Test)
Math review, Information

Online classes, Access

Parking ticket, appeal
Payment of Fees, questions
PLATO LE (Learning Environment)
Presentation, Topic suggestions
Print, from Public drive off campus
Print, from a web page
Print, multiple slides to a page in PowerPoint
Printing, Problems
Public drive

Research, Help and information
Restaurants near Spencerian College

Schedule, Class
Schedule, Errors
Service Desk (IT)
Spencerian College, Lexington Current Catalog
Spencerian College, Lexington Student Handbook
Student Handbook, Spencerian Lexinging
Student IDentification
Style manuals, Help and information

Term paper, Topic suggestions
Term paper, Writing help
Testing, review and help

Web page, printing from
Wireless connection (on campus)
Writing & Research, Help and information

How do I login to the system?

Click here: Login Help or on Login Help in the left menu from any page.
See the print brochure
Campus & LRC System Information available in the LRC

I lost my student ID card or forgot my ID - what do I do?

See anyone in the Academics Dept. to replace a lost ID card.

Forgot your ID...

Your student ID is in the upper left hand corner of your schedule.
Staff members can look up  your student ID for you.

Your ID information or any private information will not be disclosed over the phone or to others.  Who can retrieve your information depends on who you authorized on your FERPA form. 

How do I get a copy of my schedule?

Login to the Student Portal and click on My Schedule in the left menu.
To print, use the Adobe print option at the top of the page, above the schedule, do not use the Print Page on the right side of the page.
The Adobe version is the schedule you will need for the book store.
Staff does not have access to the Student Portal.

Who do I see about mistakes or corrections on my schedule?

See: Eric Combs or Daniele Owens in the Registrar's Office.

There are Holds on my account and I can’t access Student Portal features, what do I do?    

See:  Eric Combs or Daniele Owens (Registrar's Office)
          Anthony Carpenter (Business  Office).
          Brian Highley or Kristen Rust. (Financial Aid)
          Jim Seamans (Library)

Who do I talk to about fees and payments?

See: Anthony Carpenter (Business Office)


How do I get to the public drive and/or my locker?

OFF Campus - connecting to the Public drive and student Lockers:

1.  You will need to download the Citrix XenDesktop on your home computer to access the Public drive and student Lockers from Off Campus.
  For instructions with screen examples pick up the handout in the library or go to >

You can no longer access these drives through the Student Portal.
If you need assistance connecting to the public folders from off campus submit a ticket using the
IT Service Desk

ON Campus - connecting to the Public drive and student Lockers:

1. Log on using your ID and password.
2. Click on Computer on the desktop (or, Start > Computer, if no desktop icon)
3. In the list of drives and folders available to you look for…
            Your locker > Locker
            Public drive > Public

Why can't I view or print files from the P: Public drive when I'm off campus?

If you have trouble logging in to the Public Drive from on or off campus submit a ticket using IT's Service Desk  
Supply your Name and User ID and a detailed description of the problem with any error messages, etc. that you are receiving.
Tip: use the Service Catalog drop down menu and pick the closest category for your problem.

Make sure Pop-ups are allowed and your Firewall is not blocking the site before contacting CVSupport.
More commonly, the problem may be ... to open and print files that are on the public drive you must have a program on your computer, or the one you are using, that is capable of opening that file format.  For instance, if you are trying to open a PowerPoint presentation you must have the MS Office PowerPoint program on the computer you are using, or, a program that is capable of opening a PowerPoint presentation, like OpenOffice Suite's Impress program, or access to a site that will allow you to open these files.
Click here: Free Online Tools - Google Docs / Office Live / OpenOffice for tools that will help you deal with this problem or ask at the LRC for help.

How do I login to the databases?

Click here: Databases or on Databases in the left menu from any page.
See the print brochure Connecting to Databases from On & Off Campus available in the LRC.

I need suggestions for finding a topic for a paper or presentation?

Click here - Searching & Term Paper Topic Suggestions - for a list of topics that have been used by Spencerian students for ideas.
Check recent newspapers, journals and magazines for current topics.
Recent topics you have seen on TV or heard on the radio.
Think of friends and family for medical conditions or problems.


How do I find full-text articles online?

Click here: LRC Resources or on LRC Resources in the left menu bar on any page --
click on (or scroll to)
Guides and other aids where you will find information on accessing online articles. There is a tutorial that uses EBSCOhost as the demo database, click Finding Articles Online. 
See the print handout/tutorial Finding Articles Online available in the LRC.

How do I access full-text books?

See the tutorial on the Sullivan University Library’s web page –
Click here: Accessing Sullivan Virtual Library E-books from Books 24x7.
Available on the Sullivan University Library's web page:
under Tutorials.
Scroll the page to find information for accessing from off campus instructions.
Spencerian Lexington LRC’s web pages may have additional information on accessing full-text books.

How do I find legal cases and information online?

First determine if you are looking for something “about” a case or the “actual” legal case.
If you are looking for an article about a case, you can use the databases or the Internet to find this information.  If they are looking for an actual case …
Click here: Finding Legal Information and Cases.
Or click here:
Westlaw Campus Research Database Westlaw is a more extensive legal database and has it’s own tutorial.
Print brochures and handouts are available in the LRC.

How do I find information on citation and style manuals?

Click here: Citation & Style Format Information or see the brochure in the LRC with the same title.
See also: click here for
Writing: Research & Term Papers for additional information as well.

How do I find mathematics review information?

Click here: Math Resources
See the print brochure Test Review Information in the LRC & Online available in the LRC.
See also: the section
for Testing & Test Preparation.

Where can I find a study guide for the ASSET, HOBET or other test?

Click here: Testing and Test Preparation on the LRC Resources page.


What are the Dean Vaughn videos?

DVD tutorials for Medical Terminology.
Library use only.

How long are they?
First one is about an hour, the rest are 20 to 30 minutes long.
Do I have to do them in order?  Ask your instructor.

How do I complete the HIPAA training and print a certificate?  

HIPAA training is all done online, a package is purchased in the bookstore with an access code that the student uses to register online.  There is no CD-ROM in the package.
This is the certification version that is the standard used on the Spencerian Lexington campus.  This program has the most up-to-date version of HIPAA information. 

How do I request a transcript of my grades?

You can go click here and go to the Spencerian College page where you fill out a form requesting an official transcript. 
You will need an official transcript if you are requesting it for a job, school or other 'business' reason.
You can print an un-official transcript from the Student Portal page as well.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Click here and fill out the form to submit an appeal to Parking and Public Safety.
You will need the citation number from the ticket, your  parking permit number, student ID number and a valid Spencerian email address.

How do I find help on writing a paper and doing research?

Click here to go to the LRC Resources page, section on:  Writing: Research/Term Papers.
Suggestion: begin by viewing the Writing a Research Paper: First Steps and the Plagiarism presentations.
See also: Citation & Style Formats and Research Basics.


How do I setup email on my cell phone?

    For Android - click  here > Student -- click here > Faculty/Staff.
    For iPhones - click here > Student -- click here > Faculty/Staff.

If you have some other kind of phone you may be able to use the settings that are given for the phones above.
Please note that these are general instructions.  There are so many different phones and carriers that IT cannot provide detailed instructions for every phone or carrier.

How do I register for DEAN ALERT?

     1. Go to
     2. Follow the registration instructions on the left.
    Problems:  If you are having trouble registering for Dean Alert, please visit and click on “Support” and send a request for help.
You can also email our contact person directly at:

How do I connect to the Wireless Network on campus?

   Click here for instructions.

If you have trouble logging in to the network from on or off campus submit a ticket using IT's Service Desk  
If you have no access ask the librarian or your instructor to submit the ticket for you.
Supply your Name and User ID and a detailed description of the problem with any error messages, etc. that you are receiving.
Tip: use the Service Catalog drop down menu and pick the closest category for your problem.

How do I print multiple slides to a page in PowerPoint?

     Click here for PowerPoint 2007.     Click here for PowerPoint 2010.

How do I login to my email?

     Click here to see general email instructions.
     Click here for email login instructions.

How do I access the Angel Learning web site for my online courses?

     There are two ways to access Angel Learning:

      1. Go directly to Angel Learning at

      2. Go to
                > Campus Resources > Online Classes

       Click here - for student guide - look for the link on the page
   Angel Student Quickstart Guide
         click on the link to be taken to the Student Quickstart Guide.


What is PLATO LE and how do I access it?

The latest version of the PLATO Learning Environment® (PLE) contains a rich pool of learning activities which can be linked to classroom instruction or used by individuals for remediation or updating of skills.  PLATO LE offers the user classes on various subjects, basic & advanced skills, test preparation and more.

Access and use is for students pending in the admissions process or registered Spencerian College students, faculty and staff.  Alumni may have access as well. Contact an admissions representative, administrator, instructor or the library for additional help.

Click here for more instructions and guides.

Can you recommend places to eat near Spencerian?

Click here to see a list of restaurants near the college.

I need to go to a dentist quickly, can you suggest one?

We are frequently asked this question ...

Spencerian College or Sullivan University has no formal relationship to these services. Spencerian College and the LRC by providing these links make no endorsement of service, this is provided for your convenience only, you are responsible for understanding the registration, service, insurance and fee requirements for these services. 

When you click on these links you will be taken to web sites outside of the Spencerian College web pages.

Lexington Fayette County Health Department - Dental Services

University of Kentucky Dental Services - Urgent Care

How can I find materials in the Library's online catalog?

Click here to search all the Sullivan University System libraries.  Note that you can search by various formats and types and limit searches to particular campuses.  Interlibrary Loan are requested at your local campus library.

Click here for the Sullivan University Catalog's main page.

Massage Information

To schedule a massage treatment contact the Massage Center at 859-877-5414, they are closed on Mondays.

Inquiries for the Massage programs should be directed to Admissions - see Spencerian Lexington web page. If you are a current student contact the Head of the Departement - Albert Ignacio.

How do I login to the test prep program to study for the Massage Therapy National Certification exam?

The CQuest Test program for the massage therapy national test is loaded on the LRC computers.
Start > All Programs > CQuest > CQuest52.
Please see the librarian or your instructor for the User Name and Password.


Service Desk (IT) 

ALL problems and questions dealing with Information Technology requests are to be submitted using the Service Desk software.
If you cannot login or access the system ask the library or your instructor to submit a ticket for you.
All classroom software and computer problems must be reported by an instructor.

Open your browser and connect to
Supply your Name and User ID and a detailed description of the problem with any error messages, etc. that you are receiving.
Tip: use the Service Catalog drop down menu and pick the closest category for your problem.

Click here for Service Desk User Manual.

File Formats and Compatibility

A lot of problems can be attributed to file type incompatibility.  When you create a document, presentation, database, video, etc. in a particular program there is no guarantee that all other programs will open it.   Spencerian College provides Microsoft Office and programs that are  particular to departments or task to help you complete your assignments.

Some tips:

1.  Since we use Microsoft Office software here on campus to insure compatibility you should get in the habit when you save a file to use “Save as” and choose a Microsoft format from the dropdown box if you are using a non-Miscrosoft type of software (example: OpenOffice). 
Make sure the file extension of the document ends in .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls … etc.  

Since we use Microsoft Office, if you do not have Microsoft Office or compatible MS programs on your home computer, you may not be able to open documents done in these applications.

2.  We suggest not using Microsoft WORKS since we see a lot of problems with compatibility.  Microsoft WORKS is not the same as WORD (or Office) – WORKS files end in .wps, .wpt, etc.  If you do have to use WORKS then see no. 1 above and make sure you save the file in a newer MS Office format. 

3.  Try using one of the cloud computing resources like Google Drive or Microsoft's Sky Drive, see the brochure in the library “Free Online Tools: word processing, spread-sheets, presentation info and more."
Your Spencerian Windows Live email login information gives you access to Sky Drive.  

4.  Open Office Suite is a FREE full Office software program that offers many of the same features that Microsoft Office does: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database. See the brochure mentioned in no.3 above.  With Open Office you will need to “Save As” in a Microsoft file format if you want it to be compatible on campus -- see no. 1 above.  It has its own default file structure.

If you need additional information on particular file formats search the Internet, there are many sites that can help you.  An example is 

type in the file extension in their search box, like .wps, .ppt, .pdf, .ras, etc.  and it will supply you with an explanation of the file format, what program creates it, and additional information.

Some additional useful information on file formats supplied by Dartmouth College.


Grading scale

Check your Student Handbook for more information about grading. 
Click here for a copy of the current student handbook.

Spencerian College dress code

Yes, the College does have a dress code -- consult the Student Handbook.
Click here for a copy of the current student handbook.

Current College Catalog

See your admissions representative for a print copy. 
The current catalog can be viewed online at:

Current Student Handbook

See your admissions representative for a print copy.
Click here for a copy of the current student handbook.

Spencerian College Paper & Printing Policy

Students must login with their user ID.
Large printing jobs are not allowed.
When printing PowerPoint presentations: print double-sided, print multiple slides per page (minimum of three).  If you do not know  how to do this - ask the librarian.

Printing problems:

Check to see if the printer is out of paper > If the printer is out of paper and the student has resent the print job multiple times some of the jobs must be deleted or they will all print.
Is the student using a non-standard page format (like legal size, etc.) > Student must change format to Letter size 8 1/2 x  11, or appropriate format, in the application. We do not change printer settings at the printer.
Student wants to print to another printer > LRC computers are not mapped to other printers.

Printing from a web page:

Printing from web pages can be problematic -

We suggest you try the free service Print Friendly which usually works well with printing only what you need from a page and leaving extraneous text and graphics off.
Click here for additional tips on printing from a web page.

Map, Spencerian College, Lexington Campus:

Click here for a map of the campus.

Home Inspection Course / American Home Inspectors Institute

Spencerian College supplies the space for the American Home Inspectors Training Institute to offer its training here in Lexington.  You may contact Jennifer Upthegrove for current information or upcoming courses, or contact AHIT directly.

AHIT  800-441-9411

How do I login to SkillPort?

You must be setup by HR or your instructor before you can access SkillPort.
The login page is: