Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library open during breaks?

The library is open on limited operating hours during most breaks.

When are you open late?

During Week 10, we are open until 11:00 Monday through Thursday. During Week 11, we are open until 11:00 Monday through Wednesday.

Do you have library fines?

There are no library fines, though users will be charged for lost books and holds will be placed on user accounts when books are not returned by Wednesday of Week 11 without.

Where are the DVDs and videos?

DVDs and videos are on the same shelves as the books, organized using the Dewey Decimal System. Please ask a librarian for help locating an item.

I've heard that makeup tests are held in the library. How does that work?

Makeup tests are held in the library during Weeks 4, 7, and 9. During the designated weeks, the Student Scene published the times and locations. Students must present a valid student ID card to take a makeup exam.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

The library keeps a small lost and found at the Reference Desk, in addition to the official Lost and Found at the Student Activities Office.

Are cell phones permitted?

Ringers should be muted in the library. When calls are taken, patrons should go to the library foyer or other discreet location to avoid disturbing other patrons. Cell phone use is not permitted in the Quiet Study Area.

Are children permitted in the library?

Children are welcome in the library while accompanied by a responsible adult, as long as they do not disturb other patrons. If children become disruptive, their guardians may be asked to move them to another part of the building or to remove them from the library.

Can I bring a drink or a snack into the library?

Only capped, bottled water is permitted in the library.

How do I get a library card?

A student's Sullivan University ID card can be used as a library card. The ID card enables students to check out materials. The borrower is responsible for materials checked out on his/her ID card. If a student loses his or her ID/library card, please report it immediately to the library. If a student did not receive a student ID card during registration, he or she can obtain one in the administration office.

How many library items can be checked out at one time?

There is a checkout limit of ten items.

How long may library materials be checked out?

Circulating library books, videos, and DVDs may be checked out for two weeks. Materials may be renewed unless they have already been reserved by another user.

How can I renew my items?

Patrons can request renewals for their items by speaking to a staff member at the reference desk.

Can I renew my materials by phone?

Items can be renewed by phone until Week 9, when you will need to bring the book to the library for a renewal.

Can periodicals be checked out?

Periodicals cannot be checked out. Photocopiers are available.

Can I check out headphones at the library?

Headphones are no longer available for checkout at the library.

If I keep items past their due date, will I receive an overdue notice?

Patrons receive overdue notices at their official Sullivan University email address.

What happens if I don't bring my books back by the end of the quarter?

All library resources are due by Wednesday of Week 11. If items are not returned, a hold is put on the patron's account. A hold prevents a student from registering for or attending class, drops students from existing classes, and prohibits a student from ordering transcripts or other records. It can even effect graduation.

How do I get my hold removed so that I can register and attend classes?

To remove a hold, patrons must bring their overdue items to the library and request a removal of their holds at the reference desk. Please allow about five to ten minutes for the process to be completed.

What if I want to keep my book throughout the break without being put on hold?

In order to keep an item throughout the break, students must bring their items and a copy of their schedules for the following quarter to the library reference desk and request a renewal. Renewed items will be due on Monday of Week 1 of the following quarter.

How do I log in to the computers?

If the logon screen displays immediately, enter your username, which, for students, is your first initial, the first five letters of your last name, and a random four-digit number. Check your schedule if you have forgotten your username. Your password is your social security number. If you are an international student and do not have a social security number, please contact the IT department at 502-413-8800.

Where are the printers?

The library has three main printers on the main level and there is also a printer on the center of the public computer room in the lower level of the library. This printer is the default printer location for all public computer use in the basement. A fourth printer is available in Room L01, which is the default printer location for the computer in that classroom.

Is there a color printer available for student use?

A color printer is available on the main floor of the library, on the right side of the reference desk. Look for a label on the workstation indicating that the color printer is accessible. Please choose one of these workstations for your color printing needs.

How much does printing cost?

Printing is free, though students are asked to limit their printing to academic purposes. The color printer has a daily limit of fifteen pages per student, with an exception made for academic needs.

How do I log on to my online class?

Go to the ANGEL website. Use your Sullivan University student ID (first initial, first five letters of last name, and a random four-digit number) as your username, and your social security number as your password. If you continue to have difficulty, contact the E-Learning Department at (502) 413-8800 option #1, or (888) 299-5312.

Which library computers have the keyboarding program?

The computers in the basement of the library, including those in L01, have the keyboarding program.

Does the library have photocopiers?

The library has two photocopiers. One is on the left side of the reference desk on the main floor, and the other is in the public room in the lower level. Photocopies cost five cents per page, or five cents per side when double-sided copies are used.

Is there a workstation available for persons with special needs?

Yes, a workstation with programs that assist persons with special needs is available on the right side of the reference desk.

The library is closing, but I still need a computer. Where can I go?

Many of the computer labs, including Room 144, 148, and 150, are open during the mornings and evenings when the library is closed.

Is there a fax machine available at the library?

Librarians will make local faxes of reasonable length for students, faculty, and staff. Faxes made by faculty and staff must be work-related.

Is it okay to ask a librarian for help with my research?

We encourage patrons to ask librarians for help. Librarians can recommend books, databases, and other resources, provide research advice, and train patrons to use the library, the databases, and other resources more effectively. They can also offer assistance over the phone, which is a service often utilized by online students.

Can I make an appointment to work one-on-one with a librarian?

Yes. In addition to drop-in visits, patrons can call the library at and request an appointment with a librarian.

I'm an online student (or I'm just doing research at home). Can I still contact the library for assistance?

Librarians can offer assistance over the phone, which can be very helpful to online students. This service is also used by students using TurnItIn or the online databases.