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Kentucky Medical Library Association
Minutes for the November 13th, 2012 Meeting
Kornhauser Health Sciences Library
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

Members Present at Meeting:
Michel Atlas, Carol Brinkman, Charles Brown, Kathie Johnson, Neal Nixon, Leslie Pancratz, Cecilia Railey, Ann Schaap, Elizabeth Smigielski, Carla Townsend, Vida Vaughn, Lonnie Wright, and Belinda Yff.

Call to Order:

Welcome & Introductions:
At 11:06 a.m., President Townsend, welcomed the membership and introduced the program commemorating the 175 anniversary of the Kornhauser Health Sciences library. She also discussed KMLA slate of candidates for next year’s (2013-2015 term) KMLA officer election. Kathie Johnson moved Vida Vaughn, the unopposed presidential candidate, to be elected. Subsequently, Ms. Vaughn was elected president by acclamation; and, Charles Brown and Debra Sullivan will continue in their respective positions as KMLA secretary and treasurer.

Committees are the same for the time being. No formal committee reports were given at this abbreviated business meeting. Three meeting per year will be scheduled. Lonnie Wright mentioned that the spring meeting needs to be prepared in advance since it will be a CE meeting.

12:00 -- Lunch (provided by U of L)

12:27 -- Kathie Johnson from U of L gave a presentation on the history of the Kornhauser Library to commemorate its 175th anniversary. Member libraries were also invited to give short presentations on the history of their libraries. Lonnie Wright gave a presentation of the history of the Baptist Hospital libraries followed by a montage of all KMLA libraries.

2:30 -- Tour of the Kornhauser history collections and the NLM Harry Potter exhibit.

The next issue of KENTUCKY LIBRARIES will focus on Kentucky health science libraries. Kathie Johnson indicated that eleven had been submitted to Kentucky Libraries by member health sciences libraries as part of the special December 2012 issue. Articles not accepted for publication can be put online for the KMLA permanent file. Electronic copies can be submitted to Charlie Brown for entry on the KMLA webpage. Then, a physical copy of the issue of the Kentucky Libraries issue should be archived with Kathie Johnson at U of L Kornhauser archives. A general discussion of the KMLA (and preceding organization’s) archives ensued.

Treasurer's Report:
Debbie Sullivan was absent, but had previously emailed the Treasurer’s Report, which indicated a current Treasurer’s account balance of $10,418.85.

Lonnie Wright indicated that the Baptist Healthcare system is regionalizing and rebranding with the recent addition of Baptist Health Richmond, Baptist Health Madisonville (Patty A. Clay) and Russell County hospitals. Central Baptist Hospital will change its name to Baptist Health Lexington in January 2013. Hardin Memorial Hospital is managed by Baptist Health, but not owned. Central Baptist Hospital library dropped TDnet and acquired Ebsco’s Discovery Service along with Elsevier’s Clinical Key. Baptist Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Prather, would like all of the Baptist Health libraries to have a baseline collection of online resources.

Cecilia Railey indicated that Ebsco is coming soon to get her e-journal subscription access working. HMH physicians prefer digital access to journals. Some parts of HMH are being renovated, but renovations will not occur in the library. On Nov. 16th, Ms. Railey will go to Lexington to shadow Central Baptist Hospital’s librarians.

Michel Atlas indicated that U of L will be hosting the regional conference of the Midwest Chapter of MLA from October 2-6, 2015. Ms. Atlas is the conference Chair and welcomes member involvement. The conference will be held at the Galt House.

Belinda Yff indicated that Sullivan University library had upgraded the KYVL’s CINAHL to CINAHL PLUS with Full Text. To provide additional support for its new nursing program, Sullivan has also added the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection.

Carol Brinkman is no longer the U of L outreach librarian (Michel Atlas is now in that position). Ms. Brinkman is back in technical services.

Neal Nixon indicated that U of L Kornhauser is looking for a temporary reference librarian.

Kathie Johnson has been working on commemorating the U of L Health Sciences library’s 175th anniversary. She added that a physician from Manchester, England, whose research was funded by the Wellcome Trust, had recently visited the U of L Health Science library archives. Another visiting researcher focused on integration of the hospitals in Louisville.

2:08 p.m. -- Departure

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Kentucky Medical Library Association
Minutes for the August 14th, 2012 Meeting
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Elizabethtown, KY

Members Present at Meeting:
Carol Brinkman, Charles Brown, Dina Burshteyn, Mary Congleton, Carmen Davidson, Marjorie Ferguson, Kathy Johnson, Virginia Marx, Neal Nixon, Maggie Nunley, Nathan Ragland, Cecilia Railey, Teresa Ruddell, Ann Schaap, Debbie Sullivan, Carla Townsend, Nancy Utterback, Vida Vaughn, Carol Watwood, Lonnie Wright, and Belinda Yff.

Guests Present at Meeting:
Samanthi Hewakapuge (GMR) and Tommy Smith (Ovid)

Call to Order:

Welcome & Introductions:
On behalf of President Townsend, at 10:30 a.m., Lonnie Wright welcomed the membership and introduced Samanthi Hewakapuge (GMR), Tommy Smith (Ovid Regional Sales Manager), and thanked Cecilia Railey, Hardin Memorial Hospital librarian, for hosting the meeting.

11:00am    Lunch (Panera) provided by OVID
11:45am    OVID presentation Presented by Tommy Smith
12:15pm    GMR presentation:
                Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine
                Presented by Samanthi Hewakapuge
 2:30pm     KMLA Advance Agenda (Members had submitted all agenda items & announcements in advance)

Treasurer's Report:
Debbie Sullivan passed out the Treasurer’s Report, which had indicated that $10,373.85 was in the Treasurer’s account.


Carol Brinkman indicated the next KMLA meeting would be at U of L’s Kornhauser Health Sciences Library on November 13th to commemorate its sesquicentennial. The next issue of KENTUCKY LIBRARIES will focus on Kentucky health science libraries. Articles should be sent to Carol Brinkman (U of L’s Robin Harris is the editor).

Lonnie Wright suggested creation of a slate of candidates for next year’s KMLA officer election. Nancy Utterback will join Lonnie Wright on that committee.

Lonnie Wright introduced Carol Baker, a new member form St. Mary and Elizabeth’s Hospital; Charles Brown introduced Maggie Nunley, a new member from Sullivan University; Debbie Sullivan introduced Carol Watwood, a new member from WKU; Cecilia Railey, the HMH hosting librarian, introduced herself; Neal Nixon introduced Vida Vaughn, a new faculty member from the University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Science library.

Neal Nixon indicated that Jewish Hospital now has no library services at all and that Kathy Johnson is the archivist at Kornhauser. Louisville’s University Hospital’s disposition is still undecided. Lonnie Wright indicated that Baptist hospitals are regionalizing.

 2:28 p.m.     Departure

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Kentucky Medical Library Association
Minutes for the May 31, 2012 Meeting
Central Baptist Hospital
Lexington, KY

Members Present at Meeting:
Zelma Baker, Carol Brinkman, Charles Brown, Sheryl Champagne, Mary Congleton, Cindi Farmer, Billie Anne Gebb, Tagalie Heister, Laurie Henderson, Mark Ingram, JoAnn Jackson, Kathie Johnson, Elizabeth Kawa, Nathan Ragland, Nancy Utterback, Mary Vaughn, Mary Congleton, Janet Stith, Debbie Sullivan, Carla Townsend, Lonnie Wright, Beverly Hilton, and Belinda Yff.

Call to Order:
President Townsend called the meeting to order at 1:12 P.M.

Welcome & Introductions:
The membership was welcomed to the meeting. President Townsend passed around retirement cards for Judy Wolff and David Holt to be signed by the membership. It was announced that Cecelia Rammi is David Holt’s replacement. President Townsend presented former president Mary Congleton with a gift acknowledging her service to KMLA.

Discussion Items:
Ms. Sullivan’s treasurer’s report indicated a balance forward of $8,973.85 with $1,320 deposited for an ending balance of $10,293.85.

Minutes of Previous Meeting approval:
The minutes of the November 15, 2011 meeting of KMLA were approved by acclamation.

Reports from the Committees:

Chair: Lonnie Wright, Central Baptist Hospital
Michel Atlas, U of L Kornhauser Medical Library
Carol Brinkman, U of L Kornhauser Medical Library
Ms. Congleton was given an award for her KMLA service.

Chair: Carol Brinkman, U of L Kornhauser Medical Library
Mary Congleton, UK Medical Center Library
Anne Sabetta, JCTC
At the last meeting, it was proposed to change the bylaws to reduce the number of meetings from four to three. Please see the below comparison of the current wording and the revised wording to reflect this change.


  SECTION 1 - Regular meetings
    A. There shall be no less than four (4) regular meetings during the calendar year.
    B. Regular meeting dates shall normally be the second Tuesday in May, July, September and November.
    C. The meeting locations shall vary between sites in the state.
    D. The President shall set and distribute the meeting agenda prior to the meeting date.


  SECTION 1 - Regular meetings
    A. There shall be no less than three (3) regular meetings during the calendar year.
    B. Regular meeting dates shall normally be the second Tuesday in May, August and November.
    C. The meeting locations shall vary between sites in the state.
    D. The President shall set and distribute the meeting agenda prior to the meeting date.

Ms. Brinkman suggested voting on the reduction from four to three meetings per year. The vote was unanimous.

The months for the meetings were voted on separately. April was suggested as an option for May. Summer meetings are less well-attended. The wording was changed to seasons instead of months. The vote to accept the changes was unanimous.


 SECTION 1 - Regular meetings
    A. There shall be no less than three (3) regular meetings during the calendar year.
    B. Regular meeting dates shall normally be the second Tuesday
    C. One meeting shall be held in the Spring, one in the Summer and one in the Fall.
    C. The meeting locations shall vary between sites in the state.
    D. The President shall set and distribute the meeting agenda prior to the meeting date.

Continuing Education
Chair: Billie Anne Gebb, Frontier Nursing University
Susan Byars, Hospice of the Bluegrass
Laurie Henderson, St Joseph Health System Library
We need to discuss what type of CE we want this year and whether we want this CE to occur at our August or November meeting.
Ms. Brinkman suggested a Fall meeting at UofL to coincide with their 175th anniversary, at which they will have history exhibits. They will also have an exhibition created by the National Library of Medicine, Harry Potter's World.
For the summer meeting it was decided to try to get Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator from NN/LM GMR to present a training session, perhaps in Elizabethtown.

The committee will generate some suggestions for the membership.
Cooperative Services
Chair: Lonnie Wright, Central Baptist Hospital Library
Carol Brinkman, U of L Kornhauser Medical Library
Other than Judy Wulff’s retirement, no report was given. Lonnie Wright mentioned Central Baptist Hospital’s use of Athens or a proxy server as a cooperative services method.

Chair: Nancy Utterback, U of L Kornhauser Medical Library
Ms. Utterback discussed emails that are not accepted at certain institutions and bounce back. She will query the listserv about these email addresses.

Chair: Elisabeth Rowan, Shriners Hospital
Teresa Ruddell, Trover Health System, Madisonville
Carmen Davidson, Western Baptist Hospital
No report was given.

Web Page
Chair: Nathan Ragland, Sullivan University
Charles Brown, Sullivan University
No report was given.

Old Business:

Tax exempt status for KMLA.
We had discussed this in the past related to the usage of our treasury funds for scholarships, etc.
Debbie Sullivan indicated that tax exemption status required an attorney and other expenses. President Townsend indicated that issuing scholarships and other expenses would require a tax exempt status.Mr. Brinkman suggested that President Townsend talk to Tom Underwood, Executive Secretary of KLA regarding tax exempt status.

New Business:

2015 MLA Meeting
President Carla Townsend been contacted by the Lexington Convention/Visitors Bureau and Donna Barbour-Talley, the Annual Meetings Chair for the Midwest Chapter of MLA. Apparently, in 2015 it will be Kentucky’s turn to host the Midwest Chapter meeting. Would Lexington be willing to be the host city? If not Lexington, then what city? This would be all new to me, so I need feedback/advice from the group members who have experienced hosting a chapter meeting like this before.
Nancy Utterback indicated that Louisville hosted MLA in 2006. It requires a lot of work. Nancy indicated that President Townsend should talk to Laura Davison, Neal Nixon, and Michel Atlas, who co-chaired the 2006 Louisville MLA visit.
Lonnie Wright indicated that this is President Townsend’s last year as president. She will talk to the UofL former co-chairs about the process and work with the membership to strategize for this event. She will also find out MLA’s needs before contacting Lexington’s convention visitors bureau to determine if those needs can be met. UofK’s tax exemption status would likely be needed.

Kornhauser Library
UofL’s Kornhauser Health Sciences library is celebrating its 175th anniversary. Historical books will be exhibited. The collection held by the library in the 1830s will be presented. An NIH exhibit on Harry Potter will also be presented in October.

Kentucky Libraries
At the request of Kathie Johnson, Archivist at the Kornhauser Library, the editorial board of Kentucky Library Association’s journal, Kentucky Libraries (KL), has agreed to publish issue # 4 of 2012 as a special issue on health sciences libraries in Kentucky. For this issue, all members of KMLA are encouraged to write something on the history of their library – even if just a few paragraphs. Other articles on topics related to health sciences libraries are also welcome. Please let Carol Brinkman know if you will contribute to this issue. Carol, a member of the KL editorial board, noted that publication is KL is not limited to KLA members and encouraged KMLA members to submit articles at any time.

Jill Sherman
Jill Sherman, formerly at UofL Kornhauser, is now with Sullivan College of Technology and Design.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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