Minutes for May 13, 2014

Archive of Minutes (2005-2013)

Kentucky Medical Library Association
Minutes for the May 13th, 2014 Meeting
U of L Kornhauser Health Sciences Library
Louisville, KY

Members Present at Meeting:

Michel Atlas, George Bergstrom, Charles Brown, Carmen Davidson (via GoToMeeting), Jean Haynes, Laurie Henderson, Maureen Humphrey-Shelton (via GoToMeeting) Neal Nixon, Leslie Prancratz, Cecilia Railey (via GoToMeeting), Elisabeth Rowan (via GoToMeeting), Melinda Robertson (via GoToMeeting), Elizabeth Smigielski, Vida Vaughn, Carol Watwood (via GoToMeeting) and Belinda Yff.

12:30 pm: Arrive at Kornhauser Health Science Library

12:54 pm: Business Meeting:

 • Call to Order: President Vaughn called the meeting to order at 12:34 p.m.

 • Introductions: group introductions were made for the benefit ofGeorge Bergstrom, the new instructional/healthcare liaison librarian at the Sullivan University.

 • Approval of Minutes

Leslie Prancratz moved approval and Laurie Henderson seconded; subsequently, approved by acclamation.

 • Treasurer’s Report

The report was presented by Leslie Prancratz in lieu of Debbie Sullivan: $11,808.53 ending balance: as previously discussed at an earlier meeting, a Visa card has been obtained in order to generate gift cards for retirees/honorees, such as Carol Brinkman. No first motion was needed and Elizabeth Smigielski seconded; subsequently, approved by acclamation.

 • Committee Membership -

Carmen Davidson offered to serve on the Publication Committee or the By-Laws Committee (via distance communication). However, consensus was that there is no need for the print directory due to the online directory. Therefore, the Publications Committee is no longer necessary and will be eliminated (see below). Ms. Davidson will be assigned to the By-Laws Committee (via distance communication).

 • Publication Committee - The consensus was that there is not a need for a print directory; therefore, is there a need for a publication committee?

 • Continuing Education –

This committee is being revamped due to Susan Byars is leaving KMLA. Also, Billie Anne Gebb is resigning from the committee. Both will be sent recognitions. George Bergstrom will be added to this committee.

 • Communications Committee -

The committee doesn't have anything new to report. The website's still there, and the listserv appears to be functioning normally. As always, I would request that the member libraries send me any changes for the website when they are needed.

 • Awards Committee –

In the last meeting it was suggested that a debit card be acquired for the purpose of purchasing recognition gifts and awards for members. Debra Sullivan took care of this.

 • Cooperative Services -

For anyone interested in R2 Digital Library, Lonnie Wright has provided the following information about the product that could be helpful:


I believe that each library has to make their own choice in this matter. However, I can share with you our story. We were early adopters of R2 at Baptist with Lexington, Paducah, Louisville and our sister hospitals taking part in the collection. This is what we have learned over the years:

 • R2 charges a platform fee while EBSCO eBooks does not (Costs may differ at each institution.)
 • eBooks at R2 are more expensive than their competitor EBSCO. Also EBSCO allows for 1, 3 or sometimes unlimited users.
 • Much of the content is the same although some books are available at R2 or at EBSCO and not at the other site
 • R2 has two places to store your purchased materials. R2 and R2 archives. If a new edition comes out then your book will be automatically placed in their archives which your patron may not be able to find if they don’t know where it is.
 • R2 delivers their content in chunks of information in HTML while EBSCO is PDF like
 • R2 cannot download to the iPad or iPhone while EBSCO can
 • R2 cannot download to the PC (Adobe Digital Editions) while EBSCO can

I negotiated with Connie at R2 to have the platform fee dropped. I explained that due to budget considerations we might be able to purchase new books in R2 if we did not have to pay the platform fee. She mentioned all the value added services that R2 provides. I mentioned all the services that EBSCO provides without additional fees. Ultimately we arrived at an impasse and she could not drop the fee. Although, I think she did try.

All of this information is freely available to any librarian that does a side by side cost comparison. User satisfaction with PDF like delivery versus HTML delivery is an important consideration. Librarian usage and navigation can also be a satisfier or dissatisfier. I think it is a little easier to use EBSCO to find terms within a book than R2 but that might be just me.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


 • Host Next Meeting with GoToMeeting

Next meeting might be August 12, 2014 at Sullivan University. President Vaughn asked for programming ideas for this meeting. Elisabeth Rowan and Carol Watwood will check on their institutions’ GoToMeeting availability.

New News

 • University of Louisville has contracted with Kentucky One to provide virtual library services for the 15 entities within the organization. A discussion ensued, principally between Neal Nixon, Leslie Pancratz and President Vaughn, over how best to accommodate memberships for these entities. Ms. Pancratz moved and Mr. Brown seconded the following: KMLA will continue to serve U of L Kornhauser and other Kentucky One constituents (including the 3 current institutional memberships paid by U of L) on a provisional basis for the upcoming year. After this time, this practice will be reviewed.

 • In collaboration with the School of Medicine, the Kornhauser Health Science Library has undergone renovations and upgrades. Included in the project was the removal of journal stacks, the creation of common space and study rooms equipped with learning/AV technologies, and the expansion of service hours to 24/7. Please take time tour the library.

 • 2015 Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association Conference
Kornhauser Library is hosting the event
If you would like to participate please contact Michel Atlas
502-852-8534 – mcatlas@louisville.edu
 • Elisabeth Rowan attended the RAC meeting and her notes are attached.
 • Elizabeth Smigielski went to U of Pittsburg for a workshop.

Old News

 • Hosting meetings with GoToMeeting or other video conference tool limits the opportunity to visit different institutions.

1:10 pm: Break

1:15 pm: Program: presented by John Chenault, Associate Professor, Reference Department, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, University of Louisville: From Citation Management to Knowledge Management: Using Endnote and other software programs to increase productivity

EndNote is a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies. Clinical librarians at the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library (KHSL) offer EndNote instruction for faculty, physicians, researchers, and students. Additional services are provided in the form of individualized training and technical support via “EndNote HouseCalls,” assistance in the creation of specialized research libraries, library and bibliographic consultation and organization, and the delivery of patron-requested literature search results in customized EndNote Libraries via email. This presentation includes a live demonstration of the program’s key features, tools, and resources. Information on similar software programs—Reference Manager, Zotero, Mendeley, Papers, and ReadCube--also is included in the presentation.

2:26 pm: Adjourned until August 12, 2014!

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