FYE 101: Information Literacy

Library instruction is an important component of the FYE101: Information Literacy classes at Sullivan University. Since a demonstrated correlation exists between knowledge of library resources and success in college, students will learn about particular library resources and databases during the course. The ultimate goal is to enhance each student’s knowledge of and familiarity with library resources and databases.

Various methods designed to achieve this goal include: hands-on classroom instruction as well as resource/database assignments.

Handouts and worksheets can be found on the library web page (http://library.sullivan.edu/info_literacy/info_literacy_wks.asp).

Your instructors and the librarians may always be consulted concerning the library component of the FYE 101 class. The Library’s phone number is 456-6773, and email is libcirc1@sullivan.edu.

You can utilize the Ask-A-Librarian web page to send a question to the library. The library also offers database instruction and one-on-one assistance. 

Please let the library know if we can be of assistance.

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