Sullivan University Archives -- Miscellaneous Articles



Crawford, Nancy. (2001). Spencerian College on the grow. Louisville Health and Health Careers, 1, 16-18.

Discusses Spencerian College's physical expansion and the introduction of new programs. Also includes information about Spencerian's scholarships and community service programs.
Fitzharris, Mary Ann. (2006, January 6). Advancing your career. Business First, 22, 11-12.

Reports the different paths for advanced education that exist for professionals in the Louisville area. Includes discussion about Sullivan University's Dispute Resolution program. File includes an advertisement for Sullivan University that appeared on page 13 of the same issue.
Hesser, Justin. (2007, July 26). Sullivan's new college just what the doctor ordered. Louisville Courier-Journal, A1, B3.

Discusses the genesis and development of the College of Pharmacy.
Mikulak, Ron. (2008, February 2). Dining calendar. Louisville Courier-Journal, no pagination.

Promotes Nutrition Awareness Week and related events.
Neuhauser, Ken. (2008, January 31). Not-So-Fat Tuesday, other free events promote nutrition. Louisville Courier-Journal, E4.

Discusses Not-So-Fat Tuesday, Not-So-Wide Wednesday, and the other events involved in General Nutrition Awareness Week (GNAW), established by Wellness Director Renee Rust-Yarmuth.
Schmid, Albert. (2009, April). Let's celebrate. The National Culinary Review, 33(4), 44-45.

Article by faculty member Chef Albert Schmid about the use of wine in celebrations.