Acceptable Use Policy





In Addition:


  1. Users are expected to use the Internet for educational and research purposes. Conventional chat room sessions, game playing, and abuse of e-mail privileges are not considered educational research.

  2. Users must respect copyright laws pertaining to material obtained.

  3. Accessing and printing inappropriate materials is prohibited.

  4. Users must properly cite and not plagiarize any sources.

  5. Users will be held accountable for all activities including the content of materials sent by mail, news, or any other means using the account privileges. Users should follow the electronic mail policy as delineated in the SUS Information Technology’s Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities, click here, for an example.

  6. E-mail is provided as an aid to the University’s educational, instructional, and research-related mission. However, sending obscene, harassing, or threatening e-mail is prohibited.

  7. The privacy of other users should be respected especially in respect to disclosing passwords to anyone; reading the mail of others; and revealing personal addresses or phone numbers.

  8. By the same token, users should avoid listing personal information in such an insecure forum as the Internet.

  9. While all due care will be taken by the Sullivan University Library to ensure responsible use of the Internet connection, all users will assume full liability, legal, financial, or otherwise for their actions.

  10. Users will not masquerade as or misrepresent other users.


A user who does not comply with the Internet Access Policy will lose access privileges.



By using a public Internet workstation at the Sullivan University Library you agree to the following guidelines:


Time Limits:






You may not:



Illegal Acts Involving Library Resources May be Subject to Prosecution by Local, State or Federal Officals


The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.



For more information about this policy, contact:


Charles Brown, University Librarian
Sullivan University Library and Resource Learning Center

2222 Wendell Ave. Louisville, Kentucky 40205

phone: (502) 456-6773