Mission Statement


Revised July 2014

The library’s mission is to support the University’s mission in the pursuit of academic, instructional, and institutional excellence (namely, “providing educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of its students”). In fulfilling its support mission, the library endeavors:



a. To select materials - based upon faculty input augmented by traditional library acquisition methodologies and established professional bibliographies (such as both the AACP Basic Resources and the AACP Core Journals lists), and to provide user-friendly access to basic and supplementary information sources materials, regardless of format, for each undergraduate and graduate (including the College of Pharmacy and PhD programs), curricular and general education discipline. Collections will provide educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development for both resident and online students by promotion of the development of critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, computer/information literacy, teamwork/research and an appreciation for lifelong learning, cultural diversity and the expression of professionalism.

b. To organize library collections in the most intuitively retrievable manner; and, to maintain the respective collections in order to insure currency and optimal library support to the University community.

c. To provide a technologically state-of-the-art library and to maintain the accuracy and currency of the library web page, which serves both as a location for remote access to library digital database and archival collections and e-resources; and, for promotion/marketing library resources and services;

d. To interpret the collection and to provide formal (e. g., via the First Year Experience [FYE 101] library infolit program) and informal library instruction to users of the various library collections/resources; and, to provide library referrals, when needed, to information collections/resources located elsewhere.

e. To provide a well-trained, knowledgeable, and highly service-oriented library staff capable of anticipating, addressing, and exploring the information needs of the University community.

f. To strive to achieve both a physical and psychological student-centered environment conducive to student learning, acquisition of new abilities and skills (such as, teamwork and leadership), and inculcation of course competencies. The physical environment should be clean, attractive, and pleasant, and should provide access to amenities including: smart classrooms, appropriate furniture and equipment, and, adequate computer hardware and software. The psychological environment should be friendly, inviting, and pleasant, and reflect the concern of library staff for student informational, bibliographic, and database needs.

g. To cooperate with Sullivan University System, Inc., libraries - and with extramural libraries, preceptors, et al., in matters of resource-sharing, training, and the exploitation and optimization of other mission-relevant opportunities.