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  FYE 101: Information Literacy   Library instruction is an important component of the FYE101: Information Literacy classes at Sullivan University. Since a demonstrated correlation exists between knowledge of library resources and success in college, students will learn about particular library resources and databases during the course. The ultimate goal is to enhance each student’s knowledge of and familiarity with library resources and databases.   Various methods designed to achieve this goal include: hands-on classroom instruction as well as resource/database assignments. Handouts and worksheets can be found on the library web page (Click here). Your instructors and the librarians may always be consulted concerning the library component of the FYE 101 class. The Library’s phone number is 456-6773, and email is You can utilize the Ask-A-Librarian web page to send a question to the library. The library also offers database instruction and one-on-one assistance.  Please let the libr...

  Terminology Used During the Library Component of FYE 101 Academic Journal: See Scholarly Journal. Bibliography: A listing of authors and their works that may be useful to readers of a book or research paper. This listing may be found at the back of research-related books or papers. The sources listed in the bibliography may or may not be cited within the book or paper. Boolean Operators: Also known as Logical Operators or Search Operators. Boolean operators are named after George Boole, a mathematician. The words AND, OR, and NOT (or variations such as + and -) are used to combine search terms. AND is used to narrow a search. OR is used to broaden a search. NOT is used to eliminate a search term from a search.   See Campus Compass: Navigating the University Curriculum (the CSS manual). Citation: A reference in a research paper that identifies and gives credit to the sources that were used. The citation can appear within the body or the paper and/or at the end of the paper in a reference list. APA Citat...

The actual test for each instructor will be closed until the day and time of testing. The test will require a password for access that will be provided by your instructor. Please make sure that you are clicking on the correct class. ​   PRE-TESTS   Stone - Noon   Stone - 1PM   Vatovec   POST-TESTS   SURVEYS   Lexington   Louisville   ​  

  What an Electronic Database Is (And Is Not) Definition of a Database Sullivan University Electronic Databases What a Database Is Not Common Traits of Electronic Databases Electronic Database Differences Conclusion   Definition of a Database: A database consists of organized pieces of information placed into records. Within an electronic database, a computer program assists the user in selecting desired pieces of data. There are many, many different types of electronic databases in the world today, including statistical databases, image databases, and others. Sullivan University Electronic Databases: At Sullivan University, you have access to several full-text and bibliographic databases: The full-text databases contain complete articles. Bibliographic databases contain citations (which tells you where the article came from) and/or abstracts (a short summary of the article). The Sullivan University databases include: ProQuest databases (5 different databases) EBSCOhost databases (24 different datab...

  Info Literacy: Websites Needed to Complete the Assignments   Internet Assignment: Evaluating Web Pages Click here to go to the video "How Search Works" Click here to go to the video "Google Advanced Search" Click here to go to the Misinformation - Truth or Spoof Website Click here to go to Friend Finder, a Social Networking Quiz from a federal government website Click here to go to Finding the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dewey Decimal Classification Click here to go to a game called "War of the Words" to help you complete this assignment  The Hidden Costs of Credit Cards (from the Adventures in Education Website) Click here to go to the Interactive TG's Credit Card Skills Builder ​  

  Handout booklet ​   Please speak with your instructor about specific worksheets.

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