Other Books and Materials Found in the Drug Information Center

These additional books and materials listed below can be found in the Drug Information Center (DIC). Some of these titles are also available online in electronic format. The books are listed in alphabetical order by title.

These books can be viewed and used within the Drug Information Center. Click here for more information about the DIC.

Titles in the DIC Date Online
AHFS Drug information 2008 2008  
Anatomy and physiology/Thibodeau and Patton (there is also a separate lab manual, a separate instructor's resource manual and a separate laboratory manual) 2007 (6th)  
Ansel's pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery/ Allen 2007 and 2005 (8th) library  
Applied biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics/Shargel 2004 and 2005 (5th) DIC  
Applied pharmaceutics in contemporary compounding/ Shrewsbury 2001  
Applied therapeutics: the clinical use of drugs (Koda-Kimble) 2005 (8th) courtesy; and 2005 and 2009 (9th) DIC  
ASHP's Pharmprep/Ginsburg (2 copies) 2007 (3rd)  
Aulton's pharmaceutics: the design and manufacture of medicines 2007 (3rd)  
Basic and clinical pharmacology/ Katzung 2007 (10th); 2004 (KY) KY
Brief atlas of the human body/Thibodeau and Patton 2007  
Brody's human pharmacology: molecular to clinical  2005 (4th)  
Building a medical vocabulary with Spanish translations 2005 (6th)  
Cancer pain management    
Case files pharmacology    
Case files psychiatry    
Clinical skills for pharmacists: A patient focused approach (2 copies) 2004 (2nd)  
Collaborative learning techniques/Barkley, Cross, Major 2005  
Communication skills in pharmacy practice/Beardsley 2007 (5th)  
Community pharmacy: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment (Rutter) 2004 (1st)  
Compounding sterile preparations/Buchanan and Schneider (2 copies) 2005 (2nd)  
Comprehensive pharmacy review (also separate practice exams)/Shargel 2007  
Developing clinical practice skills for pharmacists/ Galt 2006  
Drug-induced diseases: prevention, detection, and management/Tisdale and Miller 2005  
Drug information:  a guide for pharmacists/ Malone 2006 (3rd)  
Elsevier's integrated pharmacology/Kester 2007  
Extended stability for parenteral drugs/Bing 2008 (3rd)  
Facilities management/Booty 2006 (3rd)  
Financial management basics for health-system pharmacists/ Wilson 2009  
Financial management for pharmacists: a decision-making approach/Carroll 2007 (3rd)  
Focus on safe medication practices/Rantucci 2009  
Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry 2002 (5th) and 2008 (6th) library  
Fundamental anatomy    
Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology/Martini and Nath 2009  
Gibaldi's drug delivery systems in pharmaceutical care/Desai and Lee (2 copies) 2007  
Handbook of applied therapeutics/Koda and Kimble 2007 (8th)  
Handbook of injectible drugs/Trissel 2008 (15th)  
Handbook of institutional pharmacy practices/Brown 2006 (4th)  
Henke's Med-Math/Buchholz 2006 (5th)  
Introduction to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: the quantitative basis of drug therapy/Rowland and Tozer 2004,  2006  
Lange Q&A Pharmacy (used to be Appleton and Lange review) 2007 (9th)  
Martini's atlas of the human body 2009  
Manual of pharmacology and therapeutics    
Martin's physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences/ Sinko 2006 (5th)  
McGraw-Hill 2007 Medical product listing 2007  
Medical dosage calculations/Olsen 2008 (9th)  
Medical pharmacology and therapeutics/Waller 2005  
Medical terminology?    
Medical terminology?    
Medical terminology?    
Medicinal chemistry case study (CD-ROM)    
Molecular neuropharmacology: a foundation for clinical neuroscience/Nestler 2001  
Mosby's drug consult 2007  
Netter's illustrated pharmacology/Raffa, Rawls, Beyzarov 2005  
Nonprescription product therapeutics/Pray (2 copies) 2006 (2nd)  
Patient care management lab    
Pediatric injectable drugs (Teddy bear book)/Phelps 2007 (8th)  
Pharmaceutical analysis/Watson 2005 (2nd)  
Pharmaceutical calculations/Stoklosa and Ansel 2004 (12th)  
Pharmaceutical care practice    
Pharmaceutical care with dietary supplements: concepts and common sense/McQueen (2 copies) 2007  
Pharmacists talking with patients: a guide to patient counseling/Rantucci (2 copies) 2007 (2nd)  
Pharmacoepidemiology/Strom 2005 (4th) SUL
Pharmacology/Rang and Dale 2007 (6th)  
Pharmacology: principles and applications/Fulcher, Soto 2009 (2nd); 2003 Lib copy  
Pharmacotherapy calculations/Powers and Wak    
Pharmacotherapy casebook: a patient focused approach/Schwing; Hammer 2005 (6th)  
Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach/DiPiro (2 courtesy copies with different years) 2005, 2008 (7th)  
Pharmacy and federal drug law review/Rosengarten, Pisano 2006  
Pharmacy informatics primer/Dumitru and Gumpper 2008  
Pharmacy law: textbook and review/Feinberg 2008  
Pharmacy management: essentials for all practice settings/Desselle (2 copies) 2005  
Pharmacy practice and the law 2008 (5th) and 2005 (library)  
Pharmacy practice manual/Boh 2001  
Pharmacy technician 2007 (3rd)  
Pharmacy technician - workbook and certification review 2007  
Physical examination and health assessment/Jarvis (also have workbook in library) 2008 (5th)  
Pocket guide for nonprescription product therapeutics/ Finkel, Pray 2005  
PPS advance job listings 2007 edition ASHP mid-year clinical meeting  2007  
Practical guide to contemporary pharmacy practice (with CD-ROM)/Thompson 2004 (2nd)  
Preceptor's handbook for pharmacists/Cuellar and Ginsbury (2 copies) 2009?  
Rapid review pharmacology/Pazdernik (2 copies) 2007 (2nd)  
Remington: the science and practice of pharmacy 2006 (21st)  
Stockley's drug interactions 2007  
Textbook of therapeutics: drug and disease management/Helms 2006 (8th)  
Treatment guidelines from the medical letter (volume 5; Jan - Dec 2007) 2007  
Understanding global health    
Understanding health policy/ Baggott 2007  
USP DI volume 2: Advice for the patient: drug information in lay language 2007 MICRO
Visual analogy guide to human anatomy/Krieger 2005